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We Are: A Indie Game Reviews and News Destination
Started By: Two Individuals
Looking To: Make An Impact

Mission Statement

MonsterVine is an independent video game reviews and news website launched on November 18, 2008. The founding members William Saw and James Cobb envisioned a gaming website that would make a statement and ultimately showcase the best undiscovered talent from the internet. We convey our own unique voice through the latest indie game reviews, news, editorials, features, and commentary on video games we are passionate about. MonsterVine’s aim is to create worthwhile content that leaves an lasting impression on our gaming audience.

Review System

MonsterVine approaches the topic of video game reviews using what journalism is all about, words. Our approach focuses upon the completeness of our analysis, insight, and opinion as well as how effective we are in conveying it to the reader. Our intent when reviewing a game is to ultimately judge whether a game is fun or not. We now classify our reviews on a numerical scale out of five in order to best serve our readership. Our hope is to make our reviews accessible under a universal grading scale. We call this The Final Word and our countless reviews have proven that it works.

5/5 – Excellent

– While the game is not perfect, it is recommended by the reviewer without hesitation.

4.5/5 – Great

4/5 – Good

– The game has obvious flaws and setbacks that hamper its overall enjoyment, it is still worthy of a recommendation by the reviewer.

3.5/5 – Fair

3/5 – Average

– While there is appreciation towards the games aspects, the reviewer felt the title could have been better executed.

2.5/5 – Mediocre

2/5 – Poor

– The games cons outweigh the pros.

1.5/5 – Terrible

1/5 – Abysmal

– You might as well make a bad analogy of why this game sucks.

Contact Information

If you are a reader, writer, or PR and want to get in contact with us then send us a e-mail.

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Site statistics and media kit available upon request. Google Analytics serves as our primary traffic indicator.


MonsterVine’s team can be described as a collective of gaming journalists from diverse backgrounds. We are constantly tuned into the happenings of the industry and will not hesitate to voice our opinion. If you’d like to join the team, then let us know by getting in contact.

Active/Full Time Staff E-Mail Position
William Saw will@monstervine.com Co-Founder/Editor-in-Chief
Diego Escala diego@monstervine.com Reviews Manager
Austin Paul Adamson austin@monstervine.com Managing Editor
Spencer Legace spencer@monstervine.com Associate Editor
Michael Thomas Elliott michael@monstervine.com Associate Editor


Current Freelancers: Travis McMullen, Samantha Lienhard, Ed Hopper, Flavio Kuperman

Part Time Staff/Past Contributors: Alex RubensAndy Jackson, Bill Chen, Brian Gee, Carlos VelascoCraig Ballard, Craige Parmenter, Cody Scaggs, Don GehrettGyörgy BrogyánJames Cobb (Co-Founder), Jonathan Baraldez, Kenny Starling, Kyle WynenMalik Fadiga, Mark Nicoll, Marshall Oliver, Marcos Reyes, Plamen Jeliazkov, Philip Wybenga, Ryan Moir, Ryan Schramm, Sarah Ramey, Trevor StampVincent Nunnally, Zack Mok


  • We certainly could not be here today without the support of Pete Campbell who provided his valuable hosting and SEO advice throughout the years.
  • We thank all the sites that have been helpful and linked back to our stories.
  • We thank all publishers for their help and encouragement in order for us to make our impact on the industry.
  • We thank the developers that put in all their hard work, time and effort into making the video games we cover.
  • And finally, to our readers and community who guided us with your wonderful feedback!
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