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PAX 2012: Wake Up Club Preview – Social Alarm Group

Have you ever wanted to wake up at the same time as others, even if they aren’t sleeping at the same place as you but still have some sort of basic interaction with them? If they all have Vitas you will soon be able to do such a thing.

The Wake Up Club Vita app was another title that wasn’t being showcased enough at PAX. The booth attendants didn’t have any more information available to share than with Frobisher Says. But after digging into the app I learned the basic features on my own.

It is simply an alarm clock with some social features and awesome stat tracking. The clock has different theme settings so users can change what clock they are staring at before they go to sleep and when they wake up in the morning.

The game also has a lot of room for customization. Users can choose the sounds that wake them up, the skin and style of the onscreen clock, and the good morning sound that other players in their clubs will hear upon waking up.

Sony has yet to say when this alarming app will be available outside of Japan.

Wake Up Club should make getting out of bed a little more enjoyable each morning and should give people a reason to keep their Vita charged.

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