Life is Strange: Before the Storm Goes In New Directions With a Familiar Backdrop

Life is Strange was a compelling story for many, but can Before the Storm capture the same charm with a new protagonist?

Deck Nine Games’ Co-Game Director Webb Pickersgill walked us through the latest chapter in the Life is Strange saga. The biggest change, is that Chloe Price will star in the lead role in a three episode prequel that is living in a post SAG Writer’s Strike World. One of the pivotal standouts of Chloe was the delivery and voice over by Ashly Burch, and so it was a bit jarring to hear a different actress bringing an already well-established character to life.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm takes place three years prior to the events of the first game and explores this slice of life theme from the perspective of a rebellious teenage girl. The key departure, in terms of gameplay, is that there are no longer powers like time travel and the ability to rewind. “We wanted to concentrate what fans love most about this game which was relatable characters and real world issues,” said Pickersgill.

During the closed-door theater presentation, we were treated to a new location in the form of a illegal rock concert on the fringe of Arcadia Bay. Here, the choice and consequences returns and while its hard to frame the act of Chloe messing with a promoter’s parking brake and stealing his cash as perfectly rational human behavior, it makes sense considering all the trouble she’s going through. A neat addition in its environmental storytelling is Chloe’s graffiti, in contrast to Max’s photographs, “to make her mark.” There is no right or wrong answer and its imperative to understand that choices will have a ripple effect, short-term or long-term.

As this is a prequel, the story will explore the relationship between Chloe and Rachel Amber, the smart, popular, and often venerated girl from Blackwell Academy. Opposites attract and Before the Storm explores this intimacy. “We wanted to tell a new story, one of how a blue haired beanie wearing girl came out and some of the things she says and where they came from, ” says Pickersgill. “We’ll visit Chloe’s house and see her home life. We’ll revisit Blackwell Academy, see how her school life was. And then we’ll get to visit new locations.”

For new and returning fans, your wait won’t be long as Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 1 releases August 31, 2017 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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