Prey 2: Tommy “Still a Critical Character” In-Game

When developer Human Head Studios revealed Prey 2 earlier this year, the disappearance of Tommy, the protagonist from the first game was kinda surprising. He was replaced by a new main character in Killian Samuels, a lawman become bounty hunter in a planet called Exodus.

Tommy appears to be on Exodus as well. “He’s integral to the story and events on Exodus.” Prey 2 project lead Chris Rhinehard noted, “one of the big things is, the unique abilities that Tommy has, specifically sprit walk and death walk, are integral to his role and how he actually fits into the story.” Whether or not Tommy will be a playable character, however, is to be seen.

Prey 2 releases 2012 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.

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