Hohokum Glides Its Way to PS4, PS3, and PS Vita in 2014

Honeyslug’s Hohokum has partnered with Sony Santa Monica to bring it to Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and PS Vita in 2014. Hokohum is a “colorful game with an emphasis on playful exploration and creativity” and to provide an “experience free of some of the typical pressures of videogames.”

A description of Hohokum is detailed below:

Players take on the role of a curious flying colorful kite-like being. Along their travels through the vibrant world, players will be able to uncover secrets by interacting with elements around them in different ways, such as carrying characters to new areas on their back, or flying over objects to illuminate them.

The world of Hohokum is full of surprise; even running into certain objects can be its own reward as the interaction produces a tune or sounds that add to the level’s music track. From the way a player navigates the world, to the various ways characters communicate to the abstract, vivid artwork, Hohokum is an expressive and mesmerizing universe. While there are goals, secrets and trophies discovered along the way, at its heart, Hohokum is a playground — a place to wander about and get lost in.




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1 Comment

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