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You might recognize Paradox Interactive as being the developer or publisher of many fantastic titles such as the Penumbra series, Magicka, Mount & Blade, Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron and more. Well today they’re going to be demoing 4 of their upcoming titles on right over here. Take a look at a quick summary of the four games that will be demoed today starting around 11am PDT / 8pm CEST.

A Game of Dwarves, from acclaimed independent developer Zeal Game Studio, is a classic management game that will place players in the role of a dwarven prince, trying to expand his colony of bearded brethren. Miniature minion managers must aim to amass treasure while dispatching creatures from the depths of the world in the process. Drinking, digging, and development are all a part of this new take on dwarven-kind, in an adventure that won’t short anyone’s fun.

Starvoid takes players to the final frontier for a new style of competitive RTS gaming! Would-be commanders will choose their sci-fi heroes and fight strategically alongside teammates and droids in a struggle for resources. On the battlefield, players will have an arsenal of combat droids, vehicles, and ingenious abilities ranging from deployable machine gun turrets and minefields to repair nanoids and orbital rocket strikes. Arsenals are constantly being refilled as fellow commanders respawn instantly and are immediately allowed to re-enter the battlefield after being eliminated. Prevail and celebrate your victory with your teammates in the arena!

Created by Arrowhead Game Studios, the same brilliant and eccentric minds behind Magicka, The Showdown Effect is a 2.5D multiplayer action game in which players will be participating in death-matches to gain glory and fame. The Showdown Effect operates on the principle of “more is more” and offers infinite amount of ways to customize your gameplay. Whether its character, stage, game mode, or weapons, customize as much as you want and control how creatively you want to kill your friends! Remember, the gorier it is, the better the showdown you will have!

A theme park is a magical place reserved only for children, right? Wrong. DEAD wrong. Dungeonland redefines the idea of having “fun” in a fantasy theme park as it attempts to entrap your heroes and let them line up for their demise. Playing as the Rogue, the Warrior, or the Mage, heroes will adventure in a classic co-op dungeon crawl, with a sinister twist: three players can play as the daring heroes, while a fourth takes on the role of Dungeonland’s Game Master, using a pool of traps and monsters to annihilate their unwelcome guests! Featuring hero customization, looting and dozens of items, Dungeonland is an amoral, atypical take on asymmetric gameplay.

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