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MonsterVine Weekly News Round-Up for the Week of 11/23/12

It’s the Friday after Thanksgiving, and the food coma recovery is still underway. Before you lounge the rest of the weekend away, catch up on your gaming news with the MonsterVine round-up.

Along with your daily dose of news, we have…. well, we just have news this week. Enjoy!

Check out the news below:

The Walking Dead: Episode 4 – Stats Trailer/a>

Grand Theft Auto V – Trailer 2 Is Here!

City of Steam Beta Key Giveaway!

New Elder Scrolls V Skyrim DLC Dragonborn Screenshots

Dishonored Has ‘Killer Moves’

Magrunner Screenshots

Sword of the Stars II: Enhanced Edition Announced

Mars: War Logs Screenshots

Level-5 Announces Aero Porter Release Date and Pricing

Chasing Aurora is a Wii U game you haven’t seen before

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Launch Trailer

Tank! Tank! Tank! Salesman Trailer

First Season Finale Screen and ‘Playing Dead’ 8 for The Walking Dead

Hitman Absolution Serves Up A Launch Trailer

The Critter Chronicles – Teaser Trailer

Sine Mora Now on PS3 and PS-Vita

The Walking Dead Season Finale Launch Trailer

Happy Gaming!

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