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MonsterVine Weekly News Round-Up for the Week of 11/9/12

We’ve arrived at the end of the week, which means nothing but gaming here on out (at least until Monday…BLARG). Be sure to check out the Monstervine weekly news round-up to catch up on all the video game news,previews and reviews before you dive head first into your games.

Along with your daily dose of news, we have several previews, game reviews and a hardware review for you to check out.

Austin Admason recently got his hands on a preview build of Guradians of Middle Earth, the latest multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game from Monolith. Read on to find out some details on the upcoming Lord of the Rings based game:

Preview – Guardians of Middle Earth – Fun MOBA Experience, On Consoles

Epic Mickey released in 2010 to mixed reviews. While critics found many flaws with the game, most critics agreed that the art style and music gave the game a charming tone and atmosphere. Warren Spector, the creative force behind the original title (along with his studio, Junction Point), is ready to release Epic Mickey 2 in two weeks. William Saw took a look at the game recently to find out where Epic Mickey 2 looks to improve from its lukewarm predecessor.

Preview: Epic Mickey 2 – The Power of Two, Every Choice Has a Consequence

Activision has quite a few franchises that have made it the multi-billion dollar publishing company it is today. While many bemoan some of Activision’s business practices, especially in releasing yearly titles of its most popular franchises, results have show nothing but fortune for the company. Skylanders is their most recent successful franchise, and it doesn’t look like its going away any time soon. But is the game worth your time? Find out with Diego Escala’s review:

Skylanders Giants Review

Remastered collections of older games seem to release every month now. Old and new gamers alike are able to revisit or experience for the first time classic games that inspire the latest titles to release in the market. The latest HD collection to release is Zone of the Enders from Konami, which originally released with the launch of the PlayStation 2. How does this Konami classic hold up in a remastered collection set? Find out with Diego’s review:

Zone of the Enders HD Review

We haven’t done a hardware review in a while, and usually its on a new console that has just released. But we have something a little different this week. Austin got his hands on a new table-top microphone that works well as a gaming mic. While it’s not a formal review, check out Austin’s impressions of the MXL AC-404 USB microphone:

Hardware – MXL AC-404 – A Solid Table-Top Mic for Gamers

Check out the news below:

New Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Coming November 14th

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Dragonborn Trailer

John Martin Joins the Dead Island: Riptide Cast

Rise of the Triad Production Diary Explores Reboot, New Gameplay Footage

Far Cry 3 Takes You Deep Into The Heart of Darkness

Exclusive Helicopter and Weapons Come To Under Defeat HD

Square Enix to Publish Reto-Moto’s Heroes and Generals

Hitman Absolution – Ultimate Assassin Trailer

007 Legends – Skyfall Trailer

Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse Screenshots

Tank! Tank! Tank! – Tank Boys Trailer

Elite Continues in Black Ops 2

Happy Gaming!

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